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Perfetta Artisan Chocolates are creating for you natural and exotic flavors and taste combinations seduce your senses from three years.

With our extraordinary palette of chocolates, an incredible and fine taste and flavor with inspiration of the nature we excite your imagination.

We introduce you a marvelous and exquisite tastes a new artisan collection by creating unique combinations of spices, teas, exotic fruits and jams, flower and naturals ingredients with fine Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate is love and art in one whole part for us. We create for you special chocolates moments, with our high quality chocolates your fantasy is our art.

With this artisan collection we wish to give you unforgettable moments and tender chocolate melting sensations.

We want to reach your heart, to give you a magic pleasure, to make your present a special chocolate moment for someone, because

we, Perfetta, create chocolate with love!